Helium Extraction and Liquefaction

  • Helium is a harmless, inert gas that is utilized in semiconductor manufacturing, cryogenics, MRI machines, welding and much more
  • Currently, there is a shortfall in the world’s supply of helium and replacement can only come from the development of new helium resources
  • Given the large concentration of helium reserves proximate to Paradox Midstream, the Lisbon Valley plant is strategically located to extract and liquify raw helium from helium-rich natural gas
  • Additionally, Paradox offers producers who separate gaseous helium from their own gas stream the opportunity to purify / liquify helium for the end market

Natural Gas Gathering, Processing, Treating, Dehydration and Compression

  • We believe that natural gas will continue to play a critical role in the global transition into a clean energy economy
  • Paradox’s gathering & processing assets offer natural gas producers a fulsome solution to reliably create value from natural gas

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration

  • Paradox is targeting the capture and sequestration of millions of tons of carbon emissions
  • Currently, we are developing new geologic infrastructure opportunities that will enable us to capture, transport and store CO2