Our focus is on the bottom line, achieving outstanding results for our partners and clients. However, we look just as hard at how those results are achieved. The company takes great pride in the reputation it has established, and is fully committed to taking the high road.


Square Deals with Full Disclosure

We believe in win-win deals, which are essential to establish long-term business relationships. Paradox’s success results as much from the contribution from its partners as it does its employees. Maintaining strong bonds with a core group of service companies, other E&P companies, and financial partners is essential to our continued growth.


Technical Excellence

We take pride in the strength of our team. All graduated with honors from major engineering schools and achieved managerial positions within major integrated companies prior to joining Paradox. Our technical expertise covers the spectrum from prospect definition through the gas plant.



Our diverse and extensive experience within the Paradox team is a total commitment to achieving results safely. Paradox’s operating practices were adapted from those of industry leaders. These programs have been implemented with a balanced approach, which considers the risk and economic viability of each engineering practice or specification.


Environmental Sensitivity

We have demonstrated our ability to achieve outstanding technical results in some of the most ecologically challenging environments in the country. Holding this philosophy requires genuine concern for the environment and good planning to anticipate and mitigate potential adverse impacts. In some cases, it requires substantial changes in timing or higher cost approaches to accommodate “eco-biological issues.” We also want the communities we work in to see Paradox as a positive force. For this reason, the company supports and funds initiatives which improve the quality of life in the communities where we work and live.


Business and Financial Planning

While the bulk of Paradox’s organization is focused on recognizing and actualizing investment opportunities, the Business Planning Functions maintains controls to ensure these investments are placed within a framework that takes a long-view of the market, our liquidity, and inventory of opportunities.


Opportunity High Grading

Paradox is fortunate to have a number of available acquisitions, development, and exploration investment opportunities that exceeds its ability to fund. Paradox’s base strategy is to pursue acquisitions of developed and underdeveloped acreage as opportunities present themselves. The balance of the budget is allocated to those opportunities which offer the best mix of benefits, including return on investment, adding proven reserves, or adding significant cash flow.